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Arakan Yan came to me in the beginning of 1998 when he was 3 years old.  He was my very first stud and during his 4 years at Classicats Cattery, he sired beautiful, healthy kittens.  It is such a pity that most of his kittens were never shown, as he had very good type and deep blue eyes which he passed on to most of his offspring.  A daughter of Yan is in Slovenia. Her name is Classicats Beauty Blossom and she is a Grand International Champion and there is no stop to her show success.

We were very sad when Yan got sick and after a very difficult decision, he was put to sleep at the end of 2001.   Emotionally this was very hard for me to deal with and I experienced this as a very hard blow to my breeding program as well, because I never kept any kittens from Yan for breeding purposes.  I will always have fond memories of Yan - he has left a BIG "pawprint" in my heart...