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ABOVE: Here is Elzane with Classicats Over The Moon (chocolate point kitten)

"Nina is our beautiful blue point female, bred by Norma Boshoff (Kandaha Birmans). Nina came to us in December 2001 at the age of 14 weeks old.  She settled into our household and "birmanhold" without any problems.   My domestic worker, Elizabeth, has a girl of 5 years old, who stays with us and she is like my 4th child and very much part of our family, so is her mother.  Since I have started breeding 5 years ago, Elzane was there, so she grew up with Birmans around her. Whenever you see Elzane it is with a Birman in her arms. She just loves to play "doll", and the Birmans are much more interesting and exciting than her own dolls. She soon discovered that Nina is a perfect "living doll". Always game for a tea party or a stroll in the pram or a picnic. It seems that Nina is in her element when Elzane dresses her up and "baby" her and serves her tea and cookies.... It never crosses Nina's mind to run away and hide, so she must enjoy it very much. Elzane is always ready with hugs and kisses for our Birmans and off course, the Birmans (adults and kittens) are always ready to let the love and kisses "rain" down on them. It just amazes me how much joy these Birmans have brought into our family's lifes... Well, unfortunately for Elzane, Nina is now an adult who will soon have her own babies, but Elzane is ready and waiting for the next kitten/s to come along to let the socializing begin....."


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ABOVE: Elzane with Nina all dressed up!